Receive loans – that’s how it works!

25 May

The economic crisis is certainly a reason that more and more people have a negative entry in the private credit. Many bills that have remained unpaid, or have been paid by court order, have caused a negative entry for the … Read More »

How does a business loan work?

14 May

If loans are spoken by bank, then usually only the favorable credit conditions and the shortened examination duration of the banks are discussed. The basic functioning of the business loan is usually not addressed in this topic, so that in … Read More »

Small loan for independent companies

6 May

The right small loan for independent companies Growing your small business without debt financing gives many owners the feeling of constantly being in a circle. You need to hire new people, invest in new equipment and / or open a … Read More »

Loan for self-employed small businesses

19 Mar

Small loan for self-employed small businesses Small businesses are important pillars in our economy today and contribute more than half of total German economic output. But many small businesses still have problems when it comes to quickly and easily get … Read More »

Installment loans via the Internet

15 Feb

The Bank company provides non-bank business loans in installments via the Internet. It is not widely known because it does not conduct extensive advertising campaigns in the media, but it also has numerous clients. What business loan can we count … Read More »