Installment loans via the Internet

article 67886 f img The Bank company provides non-bank business loans in installments via the Internet. It is not widely known because it does not conduct extensive advertising campaigns in the media, but it also has numerous clients. What business loan can we count on in Bank and on what terms is it granted?

Bank Finanse , which is also referred to as Tak To , is a company belonging to the Ultimo group, which deals in receivables trading. Bank specializes mainly in business loans granted for larger sums, which we can spread into installments, which is why they are easier to repay.

We can apply for the Bank business loan entirely via the internet, but in order to obtain it, we will have to wait for the courier with the contract. This lengthens the waiting time for funds, however, most of the non-banking companies that offer installment business loans for large sums are currently using this procedure.

How much can we borrow at Bank?

On the Bank business loan company website, you can read current business loan information. The calculator on it allows you to calculate the cost of a business loan by indicating the sum and period of interest.

The minimum business loan amount in Bank is PLN 500, while the maximum is PLN 10,000. Therefore, we can obtain funds for higher expenses, which are not able to cover ordinary payday business loans currently amounting to a maximum of PLN 2,500 – 3,000. Repayment of our debt can be spread over a period of 6 to 36 months. Payment of installments takes place monthly.

Who can get a business loan at Bank?

The main requirements are Polish citizenship, possession of a valid ID card, age from 18 to 75 years. On its side, the company indicates that we can get a business loan when we earn a minimum of PLN 500 net a month, with different sources of income accepted.

We can get a business loan not only when we earn on the basis of an employment contract, we have a pension or old-age pension, but also Bank allows you to get a business loan on the basis of contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work, contracts, benefits and other benefits, for business operations, leases , support for yourself.

In addition, the client should not have current bailiff classes and debts recorded, among others, in BIG and BIK.

How do I get a business loan at Bank?

In order to get a business loan from Bank, you can fill out the contact form on the website or contact by phone. After submitting certain information, we will be able to receive an initial decision. The company may then request documents, for example, their scans by e-mail. After another acceptance and authorization, we must also collect the contract form from the courier and provide the documents in physical form.

After the application has been approved, the money may already be sent to the client. We can receive it by bank transfer or pick up at the post office as a Giro service.

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