Top Things To Do While In Similan Islands

A Similan Island is where you want to go if you want to dive in Thailand. The Similan Island chain is a group of nine islands that are located off the Southern coast of Thailand and are known for being the best places for deep sea diving in Asia. It is a dream destination for a large number of individuals. It is located in Thailand and is a hub for scuba diving. Once you visit here, you like to go there again if you are a diving lover, because of the brilliant diving facilities. Some of the things, which are widely famous about Similan Islands include:

Things To Do In Similan Islands


The islands have excellent facilities of diving. Here you get the diving instructor easily under the guidance of whom, you can take the dip in the waters of Phuket and can enjoy diving. While doing the diving, you find an abundance of marine life inside the water. Carol reefs, sharks, turtles, colorful fishes and there are some species available inside the water.lkjhgjkilokihyghuiouyt

Liveaboard diving is also very popular at this place. You get the soothing experience in the lap of nature. Moreover, you can go for diving from in-between the sea and can get the more diverse similan liveaboard diving experience.

Here, you also get some preliminary, intermediate and advanced level of diving courses. The courses are being run by PADI, which stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. You can stay here for some months and can enjoy the classes. These courses can help you in making career in diving and other water sports. You are also taken to several local and international diving trips during these courses.


Apart from diving, snorkeling is another event that is popular at this place. In this event, you enter the water, but do not go in depth. Instead, you remain near the surface of the water. The activity is an additional event for the divers and is also perfect for those who do not want to go in very depth of the water.


lkjhgjklkjhSurfing which is floating on the water is also enjoyed by a large number of people without any second thought. This is the adventure while enjoying the peaceful beauty of nature.

Sailing and yachting can also be best enjoyed at this place. Similan Islands have gained widespread popularity across the globe these days for the water sports. It has become an internationally recognized for the water sports as-well-as diving courses. Hence, Similan Islands are the perfect tourist destination.…


A Relaxing Holiday On La Gomera

Are you planning your winter holiday and finding a place to escape the cold weather? Well, you have come to the right post. WE can give you hundreds of different destination ideas that are popular tourist destinations, but in this article, we will tell you about one place that has not been inundated by flocks of tourist yet.

La Gomeraaa03

For many British and European tourists, the grand canary islands have been a very popular place to go for their holiday. However, now it has become so commercialized that it does not provide the rest and relaxation anymore. However, a 40 to 60-minute ferry ride will take to this beautiful 146 square mile island and you can get one of the many private Gomera Apartments for your stay. You will soon find that there is not much noise and you will be looking and walking on pristine beaches.

Not for the partygoer

The island is not a place that is packed with bars and nightclubs. However, there are a few pubs in the central hotel area which will allow you to enjoy a nice relaxing drink while you wait for your meal which can be some excellent lamb stew with some fresh vegetables. It is ideal for families or couples who want to have a romantic getaway.

Exploring the island

If you want to make the most of your stay on this island, you should start walking. It is the preferred method and many the hidden coves, and beautiful mountain spots can only be reached by foot. You can rent transportation, but it may not be necessary as many beautiful places are very near. You can also rent bicycles if you want to ride around the island and enjoy all parts of it during your stay.

The locals

The locals are extremely friendly and will welcome you with nig smiles and a warm heart. You can count on them for any assistance in case you get lost or need some information.

aa04What to do on the island

Relax, explore and get a tan; these are what you can do on this beautiful island You can also enjoy the tasty food and have a holiday away from all the hustle and bustle of the main tourist destinations that are too commercialized and not relaxing anymore.


Consider a change from the normal places for your next holiday and visit this amazing island and enjoy what a real vacation is supposed to be like.…