Getting a visa to visit Canada

Many people all over the world want to travel to Canada. Some intend to work or study there. But there is also a huge number of individuals who simply want to see the beauty of the said country. Known for its great mountains and lakes as well as super friendly locals, Canada has become one of the favorite destinations of tourists.

However, when you are planning on visiting this place, there is one important thing that you have to do, and that is to get a visa. There are some nationalities that are exempted from getting the traditional visit visa, while the others, most especially those who are from developing countries, are required to go through the entire process.

Visit visa for Canada

dhgdhgd4First, you have to determine whether or not you belong to those countries that are not required to get the traditional visit visa for Canada. To get more information on this, it would be best if you visit the website of the Canadian government, particularly that of the immigration (IEC). After which, you have to follow the procedures step by step. You can submit your application in person, or you can also do everything online.

Electronic travel authorization or eTA

What is an electronic travel authorization or eTA? Simply put, this is an online pre-screening for those nationalities who are eligible to visit Canada without a visa. Some of the exempted countries include Japan, Australia, Britain, Netherlands, and other European nations.

This authorization is quite easy and simple to get. You can do it on your own online, or you can also seek the assistance of some agencies such as EvisumService. As long as all the procedures are followed properly, you won’t have to worry about anything. And the good thing about this is that it will only take a few minutes.

Regular tourist visa

dhghdgd64For those countries that are required to get a tourist visa, you can also file your application online. You can do this too by going to a travel agency that will submit the application on your behalf.

Getting the usual tourist visa for Canada can be challenging especially if you are from a third-world country. But as long as you have genuine intentions of visiting Canada and not to overstay, then you have higher chances of getting approved. You must, however, show that you have ties to your country and you have enough funds for the trip.