Top Five Must Do Things In Bacalar

Bacalar is a magnificent tourist destination with an enormous density of lakes, water sports. Bacalar is a tropical paradise with pristine, mineral filled, jade colored, crystal clear water. It features outstanding lagoons that boast of natural beauty and an incredible variety of wildlife. From sailing to water skiing, jet skiing, and swimming, Bacalar is the ultimate destination that will give you the ultimate water experience. Hoteles en Bacalar are simply the best. The place has a variety of political, historical and archeological tourist sites that are simply breathtaking. This brief overview looks at the Top five must do things in Bacalar

Things  to do in Bacalar


Just after finishing your zip-lining, you can jump into the water and enjoy a betgedrf2ed52e62y72u2882autiful and refreshing warm swim. The water is beautiful and clean giving you a great experience. You can also enjoy boat tours that are readily available, bike tours before retiring to the restaurant for a nice spa. One of the incredible places to go swimming is at the 300 feet deep, 600 feet wide natural Cenote Azul. A well-kept restaurant is located at the edge of the cenote, and you can enjoy delicious ancient Bacalar delicacies. You can enhance your swimming experience by renting snorkeling gear

Visit museums

San Felipe museum and the fort is the best place to experience the history of Bacalar. The lace features the remains of pirate and conquest attacks as well as the Caste War of Yucatan. Visit Mayan archeological sites such as Kinichna, Kohunlich, and Dzibanche which are the most famous archeological sites. From large reflective telescopes to important temples these sceneries will take your breath.

Catamaran sailing

Bacalar has inct2wedf2w5edt62wey72u82redible catamarans that are relatively easy sail. You can look out for agencies that offer competitive options to rent catamarans and experience one of the most heart pounding catamaran sailing experience. The place also has professionals who teach beginners how to sail, and you can enjoy sailing irrespective of your level of experience.

Zip lining

Tirolesas Kan K’in Bacalar is one of the best places to go zip lining. The activity allows you to view the entire jungle and lagoon from up high. This is an incredible sky-high adventure that will leave you breathless as you take selfies. One of the most amazing experiences is climbing the tallest tower using a set of vertical stairs while hooked onto a safety line. The top part of the tower gives you a great view of the lagoon.

Bacalar is without a doubt one of the best tourist destinations where you can have a fabulous and memorable experience.…